Healthcare Recruitment Solutions

We are reliable experienced and coconed with quick turn around time staffing solution with the trade of healthcare across UK.
Our database covers profoundly qualified staff.

We help you access an assorted system of qualified wellbeing and associated experts both over the globe and inside your very own area.
We represent considerable authority in employing human services competitors with a profundity of information, high caliber experiential aptitudes and a presentation driven proficient methodology
Aviteus offers an extensive turnkey arrangement, covering everything from DBS to consistence to time-sheets in an equipped and exact style.
A look inside our social healthcare recruitment process:
As you know by now, Aviteus is a recruitment specialist firm with deep connections to the medical industry. With operations running round the clock, we offer you maximum flexibility coupled with minimum turnaround time.

Listed below are some of the services we offer:

360 Degree Sales - Doctors, Nurses, AHP's, GP's and Social Care Workers
Sales Support
Database Management
Invoicing and Payroll
advisors on use of payment methods

Accounting Solutions

Accounting and charges are the most overwhelming part of business possession.
You need to maintain a business, not do the math. We get it.

IT Recruitment

We source and finalise the recruited candidate by technical round thus knowing the potential of candidate.

At Regnaux, we also have highly trained and dedicated offshore IT staffing solutions team, aiding with the challenges in identifying and recruiting potential IT staff from other parts of the world.

Only our trained recruiters work for technical profile

We strictly work as per the given mandate

Provide timely solutions and replacement

Our 24x7 services are not limited to sourcing activities, but we also offer your recruitment business offshore dedicated recruiter to take ahead the sourcing effort

Educational Recruitment

Knowing the crucial fact of educational sector as being one of the most responsible tasks of recruitment we have expertise in there too, knowing what to look in for a candidate

We recruit candidates as per their talent and capability to perform in a given role

Strictly screening their educational qualifications required for a particular post.

We also look in for a candidate to perform cross function and job rotation to save the cost of investment to recruit multiple candidate.

All candidates placed through us go through rigorous compliance checks. We also follow up with active candidates on a regular basis to ensure that any expiring lisences are renewed on time and compliances are maintained throughout.

Non-IT Recruitment
As a recruitment pioneer we have developed ourselves in other sectors apart from our core business. One of the major diversifications is in Non-IT – which scumbles down to Oil & Gas, Mass recruitment, engineers, highly skilled managers. Also, includes many sectors like Aerospace, building Material, FMCG, Agro Commodities, BFSI, Medical and Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment etc. We furnish these recruitments with our expert team across the globe – Get in touch with us to know more about this.